Educational :  
Masters in Personnel Mgt and Labour Welfare (1985) from Utkal University, Vanivihar, Bhubaneswar
Graduation: Bachelor of Arts with History Hons. (1983) from Ravenshaw College, Cuttack
I had the privilege of being taught History by Late Mr. Altaf Hussain, one of the legendary teachers 'the state has ever produced.
HSC (1979) from Korua High School, Kendrapara under Board of Secondary Education, Orissa, Cuttack
  Professional Experience :  
Deployed as Tahasildar, Revenue officer, Land Acquisition Officer/Rehabilitation officer and Block Development Officer apart from holding criminal court as Presiding Officer in the capacity of Executive Magistrate. Presently deployed as a sub-divisional officer in charge of revenue administration, settlement as well as consolidation operation.
Was employed under the Govt of Orissa as Labour Inspector and Asst.Labour Officer from 1986 to 1990.
Served as Labour Inspector, Puri in the-then Migrant Labour Cell in the year 1988-89.
  The Experience in a Govt. Job :    
In a sense it is great to work for the government as one works for the common man. But the constraints are just too many. Pressures from political masters coupled with incompatible instructions (in sync with the political will) from the bureaucratic higher-ups ultimately leave a little space. The over-all experience is not very encouraging for someone who thinks and acts differently.
  Columns :  
Syndicated Columnist in the 'The Sambad' , the largest selling Oriya daily.
Also contributes to 'The Anupam Bharat' ,a popular daily published from Berhampur and Bhubaneswar simultaneously.
Contributes essays ,features and short stories to major periodicals regularly which include 'The Sahitya Pruthivi' and 'The Sachitra Bijaya'.
  Attitude :   Open,unambiguous, hard-working. Shuns too much pressures . Freedom loving. A rebel at times.  
  A Wish :  
Far from the dins and bustles of city life, the life of a bio-farmer in a verdant green valley. A cute wooden cabin to live. Of course, there has to be a colony of close friends nearby and the place has to be equipped with a modern library and a nice kitchen.
  Literary Influences :  
There are many who have influenced me (continue to influence), but coming to Orissa and the writings in Oriya, I find closely connected to Chittaranjan Das and Sarat Mohanty . I also find the sheer lyrics of Haraprasad's Das prose moving. He is also a brilliant analyst.

Among my contemporaries, ,I love reading essays of Abhiram Biswal, Ananta Giri and Pritish Acharya. There are others of course ,the prominent being Kedar Mishra( Sesha Sparsa in Anupam Bharat ). Gourahari Das is also remarkable in his essays. He touches the roots in you.

In our Ravenshaw days (1979-83) we had a small group called AME BANCHICHHU (we are still surviving ... ) which included among others Ananta Giri, now a respected teacher and writer and Sarada Prasad Mishra, the acclaimed short story writer. Then I was on fiction and even casually on poems. Ananta from the day one was on essay. Chittabhai, on a number of occasions had graced our discussions enlightening us. Ananta was dedicated from the beginning and that is now proven. I had changed from short story to essay, but stopped systematic writing for many years. There were so many reasons for the same. The worst perhaps (in retrospect )was that I had become somewhat complacent. Fortunately I recovered. I have been writing regularly since 2003-04 and now I think I am genuinely driven so as not to stop.
                        I also read fiction and selectively poetry.  
                       In a formal way, I am not connected to any literary lobby society group association in the state though I share personal relationship with some writers cutting across age and genre.  
  The Book that has a spell on me :  
It is the Oriya translation of Antoyan Saint Exupery's 'The Little Prince' titled RAJKUMAR. The thin book is simply superbly translated by late Prof. Chittaranjan Das. Chittabhai, the veteran of veterans, the philosopher, teacher, educationist, writer, mentor and humanist is no more. In one session Chittabhai was kind enough to read out the book to me and my sister. That remains one of the most unforgettable experiences till date. The little prince was eternally searching. Searching to be closer to a meaningful life.
  The Mission :  
An active civil society sans disparities. I perceive myself perhaps more a humanist/activist in my orientation.
Reading, Gardening Sketching, listening to instrumental music and a little cooking much to the chagrin of my wife.

I am a life member of the Wildlife Society of Orissa. With some friends (prominently Biswajit MohantY,Secretary, Wildlife Society of Orissa ,ecologist and RTI activist) we have formed The Rajanga Circle. Rajanga is small tribal village in the district of Dhenkanal.Though not very far from the district headquarters, this tribal village is almost inaccessible in the monsoon.There is no road, no electricity and no proper school. To know more about The Rajanga Circle please visit 'Causes' in Facebook. You could join us!
  Name : Sailendra Dwivedi
  Date of Birth : 24/04/1964
  Profession : A member of Orissa Administrative Service.
  Interests : Social Engineering
  Mother's Name : Kananbala Dwivedi  
  Date of Birth : 1932  
  profession : Housewife  
  Interests : Spirituality  
  Wife's Name : Suchismita Dwivedi (Milly)  
  Date of Birth : 18/02/1969  
  profession : Housewife  
  Interests : Music,Reading,Gardening  
  Son's Name : Sambit Dwivedi (Gutu)  
  Date of Birth : 16/11/1990  
  profession : Student  
  Interests : Music,Cinema  
  Daughter's Name : Sanchita Dwivedi (Maun)  
  Date of Birth : 08/01/1999  
  profession : Student  
  Interests : Computer  
Family Photo